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Model RF Tension Load Cell

Stainless steel
High Range
Infinite resolution
image of Model  RF Tension Load Cell
Our SLC-RF load cell or force sensor is a device which converts load or force into an electrical signal.
A tension load cell measures the tension force applied between the top and bottom mounting threads.
Care should be taken to ensure that the model SLC-RF load sensor is not exposed to load or force in excess of its capability. The range of model SLC-RF tension load cell selected should therefore be appropriate for the maximum force (including transient forces) that can be applied to it.
The SLC-RF transducer is a strain gauge type transducer and has a mV output which may require an amplifier. For the SLC-RF we can offer a variety of high quality, low noise and high precision strain gauge amplifiers.
Tension Load Cell
A tension load cell measures the tension force applied between the top and bottom mounting threads.
dimensional drawing of  Model  RF Tension Load Cell
Type D1 L1 L2
AL414 38mm 108mm See table
AL416 44mm 127mm See table
AL418 64mm 178mm See table
AL412 (75k & 100k lbs) 114mm 343mm 89mm
AL412 (150k & 200k lbs) 140mm 457mm 114mm
To order this product please specify range, type and thread size
Type Thread options 1/2-20 3/4-16 7/8-14 1-14 1-1/2-12 2-1/2-12 UN 3-1/2-8 UNF
L2 19mm 24mm 24mm 25mm 38mm 89mm 114mm
SLC-RF002000 2000lbs (9kN) AL414 AL414          
SLC-RF003000 3000lbs (13kN) AL414 AL414          
SLC-RF004000 4000lbs (18kN) AL414 AL414          
SLC-RF005000 5000lbs (22kN) AL414 AL414          
SLC-RF007500 7500lbs (33kN)   AL416 AL416 AL416 AL418    
SLC-RF010000 10000lbs (44kN)   AL416 AL416 AL416 AL418    
SLC-RF015000 15000lbs (67kN)   AL416 AL416 AL416 AL418    
SLC-RF020000 20000lbs (89kN)     AL416 AL416 AL418    
SLC-RF030000 30000lbs (133kN)         AL418    
SLC-RF050000 50000lbs (222kN)         AL418    
SLC-RF075000 75000lbs (334kN)           AL412  
SLC-RF100000 100000lbs (445kN)           AL412  
SLC-RF150000 150000lbs (667kN)             AL412
SLC-RF200000 200000lbs (890kN)             AL412
Excitation/supply (acceptable) 0 to 15V (ac or dc)
Excitation/supply (calibrated) 10Vdc
Output 2mV/V
Bridge resistance 350 Ω
Linearity error ≤50k lbs = ±0.15% F.S. ≥75k lbs = ±0.2% F.S.
Hysteresis ≤50k lbs = ±0.15% F.S. ≥75k lbs = ±0.2% F.S.
Repeatability ±0.05% F.S.
Resolution Infinite
Temperature coefficient (zero) ±0.009% F.S. /℃
Temperature coefficient (span) ±0.01% rdg /℃
Operating temperature range -54℃ to 121℃
Compensated temperature range 16℃ to 71℃
Deflection at full scale 0.1mm maximum
Over-range capacity 50% F.S.
Major construction material stainless steel
Mating connector <=50 000 lbs = SEN1005 (PT0A-10-6S (or equivalent))
>=75 000 lbs = SEN1006 (MS3106A-14S-6S (or equivalent))

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