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Model STJE Pressure Transducer

Very high accuracy
Stainless steel
Infinite resolution
Absolute pressure
Gauge pressure
image of Model  STJE Pressure Transducer
This type of sensor measures the pressure of a compatible fluid or gas. This unit has both gauge pressure and absolute pressure versions.
A gauge pressure transducer measures with respect to atmospheric pressure. An absolute pressure transducer measures with respect to a vacuum.
dimensional drawing of  Model  STJE Pressure Transducer
Gauge pressure Range
SPT-STJE-G0010 10psi (69kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0015 15psi (103kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0025 25psi (172kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0050 50psi (345kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0075 75psi (517kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0100 100psi (689kPa)
SPT-STJE-G0150 150psi (1MPa)
SPT-STJE-G0200 200psi (1MPa)
SPT-STJE-G0300 300psi (2MPa)
SPT-STJE-G0500 500psi (3MPa)
SPT-STJE-G0750 750psi (5MPa)
SPT-STJE-G1000 1000psi (7MPa)
SPT-STJE-G1500 1500psi (10MPa)
SPT-STJE-G2000 2000psi (14MPa)
SPT-STJE-G3000 3000psi (21MPa)
SPT-STJE-G5000 5000psi (34MPa)
SPT-STJE-G7500 7500psi (52MPa)
Absolute pressure Range
SPT-STJE-A0015 15psi (103kPa)
SPT-STJE-A0025 25psi (172kPa)
SPT-STJE-A0050 50psi (345kPa)
SPT-STJE-A0075 75psi (517kPa)
SPT-STJE-A0100 100psi (689kPa)
SPT-STJE-A0150 150psi (1MPa)
SPT-STJE-A0200 200psi (1MPa)
SPT-STJE-A0300 300psi (2MPa)
SPT-STJE-A0500 500psi (3MPa)
SPT-STJE-A0750 750psi (5MPa)
SPT-STJE-A1000 1000psi (7MPa)
SPT-STJE-A1500 1500psi (10MPa)
SPT-STJE-A2000 2000psi (14MPa)
SPT-STJE-A3000 3000psi (21MPa)
SPT-STJE-A5000 5000psi (34MPa)
SPT-STJE-A7500 7500psi (52MPa)
Excitation/supply (acceptable) 0 to 12Vdc or ac
Excitation/supply (calibrated) 10Vdc
Output 2mV/V
Bridge resistance 350 Ω
Gauge type foil
Accuracy ±0.05% F.S.
Resolution Infinite
Temperature coefficient (zero) ±0.0027% F.S. /℃
Temperature coefficient (span) ±0.0027% rdg /℃
Operating temperature range -54℃ to 121℃
Compensated temperature range 16℃ to 71℃
Dead volume 0.17cu.in
Over-range capacity 50% F.S.
Major construction material stainless steel
Port material <= 1500 psi = 17-4PH stainless steel
>= 2000 psi = 15-5PH stainless steel
Pressure port thread <= 1500 psi = 1/4-18 NPT male
>= 2000 psi = 1/4-18 NPT female
Mating connector SEN1005 (PT0A-10-6S (or equivalent))
Total weight 340g nominal

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