E308/9 Analogue Amplifier With Digital Display / Panel Meter

LVDT amplifier
Strain gauge transducer amplifier
Digital display module
Voltage / 4-20mA output
Limit trips
Simple trimpot controls

   Data sheet (186kb)
Signal conditioning is required where the output of a transducer needs to be boosted or changed into a form suitable for the monitor or logging device which will be used. Our digital display units have a built-in monitor device in the form of the digital display as well as analogue output.

Both E308 and E309 have high and low limits with voltage-free relay outputs. The E308 has a shunt calibration facility to enable calibration checks to be made.

A very wide range of gain adjustment ensures that our amplifiers are compatible with the vast majority of LVDT and strain gauge sensors available from any manufacturer.

Although they have a digital display, these units are entirely analogue and are configured using switches and potentiometers, there is no set-up software to learn.

Specification    E308 technical manual (318kb)    E309 technical manual (309kb)
Type E308 E309
Ac supply version 240Vac/120Vac (+5/-20%), 50/60Hz 10VA 240Vac/120Vac (+10/-20%), 50/60Hz 10VA
Compatible with Most full bridge strain gauge transducers
Most amplified transducers from any manufacturer
Any standard RDP LVDT (without integral electronics).
Most LVDTs from any manufacturer.
Number of digits 4 , red LED (11mm) 4 , red LED (11mm)
Display update rate 2.5Hz 2.5Hz
Transducer excitation 1.2V to 15V & -15V, 60mA 5V, 5kHz (1kHz to 10kHz with component change), 100mA
Signal input range 5mV to 90V 50mV to 20V
Output details ±10V / 4-20mA (loop resistance 0 Ohms to 500 Ohms) ±10V / 4-20mA (loop resistance 0 Ohms to 500 Ohms)
Electrical output bandwidth 0 to 150Hz (3Hz with filter turned on) 0 to 300Hz
Input impedance 2M Ohms 100k Ohms
Linearity error ±0.02% F.S. typical ±0.1% F.S.
Output ripple (peak-to-peak) 10mV typical / 30uA typical 5mV typical / 10uA typical
Temperature coefficient (zero) ±0.01% F.S. /C (typical) ±0.01% F.S. /C (typical)
Temperature coefficient (span) ±0.01% F.S. /C (typical) ±0.01% F.S. /C (typical)
Limit trips Number of channels 2 2
Operation time 5ms 5ms
Contact rating 24Vdc (1A) / 120Vac (0.3A) 24Vdc (1A) / 120Vac (0.3A)
Operating temperature range 0C to 50C 0C to 55C
Total weight 1.3kg 1.3kg

PMHW 139mm
PMHH 67mm
PMBW 144mm
PMBH 72mm
PMD 185mm
PMDC 245mm
Panel cut-out 139mm X 67mm

All dimensions and specifications are nominal. www.rdpe.com/uk/e30x.htm 20170119
Due to our policy of on-going development, specifications may change without notice. Any modification may affect some or all of the specifications for our equipment.
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