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Compression load cell
Tension/compression load cell (universal load cell)
Tension load cell

Model RLT Tension Load Cell

Low cost
Very high accuracy
Infinite resolution
Linearity (best)±0,03% F.S.
Lowest range5kgf (49N)
Highest range2500kgf (25kN)
Smallest length/height63,5mm
Smallest width/diameter50,8mm

Model RSL0900 Rod End Tension Load Cell

High accuracy
Stainless steel
Infinite resolution
Linearity (best)0,2% F.S.
Lowest range5000lbs (22kN)
Highest range100000lbs (445kN)
Smallest length/height44,5mm
Smallest width/diameter38,1mm

All dimensions and specifications are nominal. 20170119
Due to our policy of on-going development, specifications may change without notice. Any modification may affect some or all of the specifications for our equipment.
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