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ACT LVDT Displacement Transducer

High accuracy
High cycle life
Infinite resolution
Stainless steel
image of ACT LVDT Displacement Transducer
These transducers are for displacement / position measurement. They make an accurate position measurement of the movement of the armature (the sliding part) relative to the body of the displacement transducer.
This transducer uses the Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) principle which means that it is probably the most robust and reliable position sensor type available. The strength of the LVDT sensor's principle is that there is no electrical contact across the transducer position sensing element which for the user of the sensor means clean data, infinite resolution and a very long life.
This series of displacement transducer is available as either an unguided, captive or spring return version.
Unguided version.
On our unguided LVDTs the armature assembly is a separate component, to make a measurement the user must guide the armature inside the body without touching the sides. Unguided position measurement transducers are appropriate where external guidance is available and give truly non-contact operation
Side (radial) exit cable.
dimensional drawing of LVDT unguided
Type Range Linearity error (% F.S.) L X (nom) Total weight Armature weight TF Inward over-travel Sensitivity (nom)
ACT500 ±12.5mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 127mm 43mm 170g 17g 15mm 16mm 0.7V/V
ACT1000 ±25mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 155mm 68mm 227g 23g 15mm 22mm 0.9V/V
ACT2000 ±50mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 270mm 81mm 320g 37g 15mm 16mm 1.5V/V
ACT3000 ±75mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 380mm 120mm 454g 55g 15mm 29mm 1.5V/V
ACT4000 ±100mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 427mm 132mm 568g 71g 15mm 16mm 3.2V/V
ACT6000 ±150mm ±0.5/±0.25 617mm 183mm 824g 100g 15mm 16mm 2.4V/V
ACT8000 ±200mm ±0.5/±0.25 808mm 259mm 1.2kg 140g 29mm 27mm 1.5V/V

Captive guided version.
Our captive guided displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor. Captive LVDTs are for position measurement applications where guidance may be poor and end bearings may be required.
Side (radial) exit cable.
dimensional drawing of LVDT captive guided
Type Range Linearity error (% F.S.) L X (nom) D3 Total weight TF Inward over-travel Outward over-travel Sensitivity (nom)
ACT500C ±12.5mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 152mm 38mm 4.75mm 284g 15mm 10mm 12mm 0.7V/V
ACT1000C ±25mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 180mm 63mm 4.75mm 340g 15mm 13mm 10mm 0.9V/V
ACT2000C ±50mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 295mm 76mm 4.75mm 511g 15mm 10mm 14mm 1.5V/V
ACT3000C ±75mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 406mm 114mm 4.75mm 653g 15mm 24mm 15mm 1.5V/V
ACT4000C ±100mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 452mm 127mm 4.75mm 710g 15mm 8mm 14mm 3.2V/V
ACT6000C ±150mm ±0.5/±0.25 643mm 178mm 4.75mm 1.0kg 15mm 12mm 17mm 2.4V/V
ACT8000C ±200mm ±0.5/±0.25 833mm 254mm 4.75mm 1.4kg 32mm 22mm 25mm 1.5V/V
ACT10000C ±250mm ±0.5/±0.25 1030mm 305mm 4.75mm 1.6kg 27mm 34mm 35mm 2.0V/V
ACT15000C ±380mm ±0.5 1435mm 406mm 4.75mm 2.1kg 19mm 13mm 13mm 3.2V/V
ACT18500C ±470mm ±0.5 1702mm 508mm 6.00mm 2.5kg 27mm 5mm 33mm 3.6V/V

Spring return version.
Our spring displacement transducer has bearings to guide the armature inside the measurement sensor and a spring which pushes the armature to the fully out position. Spring return LVDTs are appropriate where it is not possible to connect the transducer armature to the moving component being measured.
Side (radial) exit cable.
dimensional drawing of LVDT spring return
Type Range Linearity error (% F.S.) L X (nom) Total weight Spring force at X Spring rate Inward over-travel Outward over-travel Sensitivity (nom)
ACT500A ±12.5mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 133mm 38mm 184g 1.3N 0.2N/cm 1mm 13mm 0.7V/V
ACT1000A ±25mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 161mm 63mm 227g 2.0N 0.3N/cm 3mm 10mm 0.9V/V
ACT2000A ±50mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 276mm 75mm 398g 1.8N 0.2N/cm 8mm 14mm 1.5V/V
ACT3000A ±75mm ±0.5/±0.25/±0.1 387mm 114mm 483g 6.0N 0.4N/cm 15mm 15mm 1.5V/V

Excitation/supply (acceptable) 0.5V to 7V rms, 2kHz to 10kHz (sinusoidal)
Excitation/supply (calibrated) 5V rms, 5kHz (sinusoidal)
Output load 100k Ω
Linearity error (Standard) ±0.5% F.S.
Linearity error (Optional on some models) ±0.25% F.S.
Linearity error (Optional on some models) ±0.1% F.S.
Temperature coefficient (span) ±0.01% F.S. /℃ (typical)
Operating temperature range -50℃ to 125℃
Electrical termination 2m (integral cable) Longer available to order.

Connection details

Options and accessories
TM0315 Operating temperature range (maximum) = 200℃  ( ±100mm maximum )
Increased resistance to moisture
Rod-end bearings for captive-guided position transducers End bearings option thumbnail
Mounting block mounting block thumbnail
E74 In-Line Signal Conditioning Amplifiers In-cable amplifer option thumbnail
Amplifiers Amplifier option thumbnail
Panel meter Panel meter option thumbnail

Do not use these products as safety, emergency stop or feedback devices in any application where the failure of this product could result in damage to equipment, personal injury or death.
Due to our policy of on-going development, specifications may change without notice. Any modification may affect some or all of the specifications for our equipment. All dimensions and specifications are nominal.