Rod-End Bearings For Captive-Guided Position Transducers

Picture of transducer wirh bearings fitted

Rod-end bearings can be used with captive type transducers where there may be some mis-alignment

They should not be used horizontally if the transducer range is greater than ±100mm (±4''). For ranges larger than this you may wish to consider using our Mounting block

Bearings drawing
Type Thread L ID OD L2 TA
BRG1000 M5x0.8, 0.55'' 1.1'' 0.1963'' to 0.1994'' 0.63'' 0.31'' 11degrees
BRG1001 M5x0.8, 0.79'' 1.3'' 0.1963'' to 0.1994'' 0.63'' 0.31'' 11degrees

Major construction material Plated low carbon steel
Operating temperature range -31F to 338F
Maximum radiation dose 800k Rad

All dimensions and specifications are nominal. 20170119
Due to our policy of on-going development, specifications may change without notice. Any modification may affect some or all of the specifications for our equipment.

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