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Displacement Transducer RDP Design, manufacture and market a wide rangeof LVDT and other displacement transducers. LVDT Displacement transducersaccurately measure position and displacement. The strength of the LVDT is inits principle of operation. As LVDT sensors are inductive, there is noelectrical connection across the sensing element ensuring clean data and a longlife.

The LVDT operation principle lends itself to use in extreme environments. LVDTscan be made to work submerged in sea water, in temperatures of 600°C(1100°F) in high nuclear ratiation and at pressures of up to 2000bar(30,000psi).
Load Cell A load cell measures load or force. Typically,the load cell will measure the force applied between two objects such as ahydraulic actuator and a test sample for example. Our load cells arepredominantly strain gauge which means that they convert strain in one of theirinternal elements into an electrical signal.
We can supply a very wide range of capacities and mechanical configurations aswell as submersible transducers.
Pressure Transducer A pressure transducer measures the pressure of afluid or gas. We have a very wide range of pressure transducers with a widerange of outputs. Again we can offer many mechanical configurations as well assubmersible pressure transducers.
Signal conditioning Our signal conditioning electronics providesamplification for a wide selection of transducer types, including thosedetailed above. We can offer single of multiple channel conditioning with orwithout digital display or RS232.